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Happy Valentine’s Day, elrickeyblade!

“Okay, don’t panic, Dr. Strange. Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic…” Adam chanted as he clutched onto the parcel behind his back, “She doesn’t even know what Valentine’s Day is.  Just play it cool. Say, ‘hey, Alanna! How’s it going? Oh, good? Well, that’s great! Look, today is considered a special day on Earth between couples –‘ no, no! You decided not to tell her, remember? Come on, Strange! You are an expert in your field, one of the intellectual greats of your time! Surely you can give Alanna one little – “

“Give me what?” he jumped at the sound of her thick English and he swirled around, meeting her with a set of nervous eyes. Her smile was light and pleasant and she almost seemed like she wanted to laugh, “What is in your hand, Adam?”

“Oh, this?” he gulped, moving the parcel to the front of his body, “For you, Alanna. For…a celebration. On Earth.”

Celebration?” she repeated, taking the parcel into her hands and unwrapping it. Inside was a silver chain and dangling from the bottom was a rabbit charm painted white, “What is this?”

It is called ‘a rabbit,’” he informed her, “It is from Earth… my favorite animal.”

He helped her unclasped the chain, walking behind her and snapping it shut, “I think it makes you look pretty.”

Alanna turned towards him, a warm blush dusting her cheeks, “…Thank you, Adam.”

His heart swelled as he leaned in closer, letting his lips linger just above hers a moment or two before he pressed down, capturing and keeping the pristine moment within his memory forever.

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